Book-smart, lighting speed, and a killer work ethic makes Ruth Johnson a premier athlete and student. The thirteen-year-old dynamic sprinter has vigorously set herself apart from the competition with over twenty medals and countless awards.

Ruth started running track just three years ago, but she is eager to make her mark in the track and field world.  A Junior Olympic finalist three years in a row, Ruth is quickly proving to be a formidable opponent. For the 100 meters, Ruth is ranked 26th nationally and she is also ranked 21st nationally for the 200 meters. But she’s not stopping there, Ruth hopes to crack the top 15 within the next two years.


However, Ruth’s athletic abilities doesn’t stop on the track, put her in a soccer uniform, or a lacrosse helmet, or even in a dance class and she will shine above the rest. Ruth is also a beast in the classroom with a 3.8 grade point average in the International Baccalaureate program(IB). Ruth aspires to compete at the collegiate level at a four-year college. She is currently a middle school student and runs AAU track with Evolution Speed Track Club under the leadership of Boris Jackson.